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Good companies that we chose to promote because of their achievement and dedication to their craft...

Amendola Marble & Stone Center They have kept a promise to continue time honored European tradition in Marble and Granite fabrication, backed by over two generations of experience and care.
Aqua Garden Professional design and install beautiful, distinctive landscape designs and natural custom water features such as pond-less waterfalls and Koi fish ponds throughout northern New Jersey.
California Stucco Manufactures superior stucco products since 1927 for use by contractors, builders, architects and homeowners. Licensing opportunities are available in other parts of the country for those interested in manufacturing and marketing California Stucco's Stuccodyne products.
Fitz’s Fish Ponds, LLC A Pond Construction, Design, Service and Supply company for residential and commercial properties, based in Bound Brook, NJ and providing service to the entire State.
Sponzilli Landscape Group Quality for almost 40 years with extraordinary talents and efforts of its people through education and training.
Terps Hardscapes & Design Provides creative and unique solutions for residential and commercial landscape. We use quality materials and install them with care and professionalism and stand behind our work.

Flagstone Categories – a natural stone and therefore colors vary slightly...

  • Rosa – generally a dark purple-pink, with some golden tones, also known as Dark Pink.
  • Light Rose – usually a mixture of pinks and tans, also called Light Pink.
  • Peach – has a mixture of pinks and golden tones in it, but not as dark as Rosa.
  • Buff – generally a mixture of tan and gold tones, also called Buckskin or Apache.
  • Classic Oak – normally has a white to beige-white tone, with some hints of pale green.
  • Sedona Red – generally a dark red to red-orange, one of the softer flagstones.
  • Regular Select – a grade of flagstone characterized by pieces of stone approximately 2' x 3' in surface area with a thickness between 1" to 1-3/4", generally used in outdoor patio applications.
  • Thin Select – characterized by pieces of stone approximately 2' x 3' in surface area with a thickness of 1" or less, but not usually less than 1/2". Generally used in indoor flooring applications but may also be used in the same applications as Regular Select with proper installation techniques.
  • Patio Select – characterized by pieces of stone that are less than four square feet in surface area, with a thickness between 1/2". Pieces are generally leftovers from making Regular Select.
  • Coping – pieces used as edging around pools. Coping usually ranges in thickness from 1-3/4" to 4".
  • Slabs – larger pieces of flagstone used for signs, tables, and other custom applications.
  • Pea Gravel – 3/8" and 1/4" crushed River Rock.
  • River Rock – a natural River Stone, not crushed.